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Lana Munip, The Star, Kuala Lumpar, June 17, 1994. (World Islamic Civilisation Festival). Kuala Lumpur.

'It would seem that Dr. Saad's efforts in collecting silverware and documenting his findings, has to some extent preserved Islam's rich artistic heritage, which could have been otherwise, melted down and lost for ever'.

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture, Istanbul, 5 March 1996.

'After enjoying and evaluating this book, we find that it is the product of a high level of academic research in the field of History of Art. It covers, extensively and comprehensively, the Islamic world and the neighbouring regions. The collection that is introduced is extremely rich and important from the view point of history and art. The presentation and photographs are excellent and the printing and binding are of high quality. I do not think I need to make any other remarks, in one word: this book is an excellent piece of work'.

Kashif Amin, Dialogue, London, April 1997 on 'KUNUZ'.

'Saad Al-Jadir's collection of Islamic silver artefacts is unrivalled in the world today. It remains the first, largest and, to date, most comprehensive collection of the work of Muslim silversmiths. The collection covers a wide geographic region and reflects the unique characteristics of Islamic art and its development. KUNUZ is a monumental work, a book that can very much be described as a work of art in itself. Merely picking up the book instils in one the feeling of picking up one of the thousands of artefacts that are presented within its pages. The photographs of Dr. Al-Jadir's collection, by Franco D'Alessandro, similarly do justice to the actual artefacts on display, their ornamental splendour a feast to the eye even if one is not a connoisseur'.

Le Temps du Maroc,No.91 du 25 Juillet 1997 (On 'Kunuz')

' This beautiful book is not only an invitation to a voyage through the history of muslim jewellery, but also an ocasion to enjoy and compare a filligree bracelet of Black Africa, an Uzbec pendant decorated with coral, an Algerian bucle, aMalasian ring, a Tadjic heardress, a Palestinian vail, an Ottoman inkwell or a Moroccan parcelguilt perfume bottle. A double page a series of "khamsa" from North Africa... I imagin how every woman in the world would look, in a dreaming and admiring way, to such a beutiful anthology of gold and silver ornaments'.



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