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Taher Abdul Kader, At-tawbad, September - March 1989 on the exhibition 'Decoration on Silver and Manuscripts among Muslims'.

'This is the first time in the history of Islamic Art that hundreds of Islamic silver artefacts were on a unique view anywhere in the world'.

Hertha Lamm, Riyadh Daily, 17 December 1989 on the exhibition 'Treasures from the Orient'.

'As in the Riyadh exhibition, the silverworks and the decorated manuscripts were displayed together to illustrate the characteristics of the Islamic decorating style, a style which is made up of four distinct elements - geometric patterning, vegetal forms, figurative iconography and calligraphy - appearing either singly or in combinations. Unlike the Riyadh exhibition, however, the Swedish Museum has added another element. Traditional and antique pieces of clothing from the Islamic world were used as props to show how various pieces of personal jewellery were worn'.

Siti Hajjar Sulaiman, Business Times, Tunis, June 16, 1994. (World Islamic Civilisation Festival). Kuala Lumpur.

'Al-Jadir is the world's first and largest collector of Islamic silver with 11,000 beautifully crafted silver articles comprising jewellery, ornaments, utensils, coins, boxes and seals. Unlike other private collectors whose sole reason for collecting is to possess a beautiful object, Al-Jadir is inspired by the historical and regional developments behind the silver object'.




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