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The Antique Collector, June, 1982 on 'Arab and Islamic Silver'

'Until now, the art of ornamental silverware in the Far and Near East, has attracted little attention in the West. In this lavish publication the author traces the development of the craft; the techniques and role of silversmiths, as well as examining, with the aid of maps, the varied output of the different areas of the Islamic World'.

Janet Sutherland, Azure, No. 11, 1982 on 'Arab and Islamic Silver'.

'An ancient art, indeed, for the Arab world practised silversmithing long before the coming of Islam. Filigree, engraving, openwork and granulation are all techniques used in works dating from as long ago as 2500 BC. Such pieces are rare, of course, but they are well cared for by the archaeologists who find them. Later work has not been so carefully preserved and it's as well that enthusiasts such as Dr. Jadir exist, for much fine work would have been lost had it not been for his care'.

Mondo Da Arte ,No.1 Dezemmbro-1981 (On Islamic Silver Exhibition)

'Islamic silver exhibition in Lisbon: Calouste Gulbenkian Museum organised an exhibition in honour of Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian, comemorating 25 years of the Foundation created by him.This exhibition, opened from the 20th of July to the 15th of November 1981, in the temporary exhibition gallery. Within 65 showcases,exhibiting a number of excellent pieces of jewellery, ornaments and other items of decorative and domestic use such as trays, plates, boxes, tea and coffee services. The pieces exhibited demonstrate the technical art of the silver showing the variety of materials employed and the particularities of style, variety and beauty of the long-lasting inheritence of ornamental silverworks existing in all the Islamic World, from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, including countries such as Persia, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Sudan, Nigeria, Egypt,India, Pakistan and Bangladesh,among many shown at the exhibition'.

Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, the Governor of Riyadh opens the exhibition of 'Decoration on Silver and Manuscripts among Muslims', al-Riyadh, 1 June 1988.'

'This exhibition tells the story of the Islamic civilisation which we now need to trace'.



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